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Photographers, illustrators, artists, visual artists, street artists and more... All contempary artists who are all taking part in the Open Wall wallpaper project. This involves creating character filled, unique decorations. Whether their design is unusual, elegant or graphic, is made by single strip or mural art, our original wallpapers will transform your home.

artistic wallpaper "pink velvet"

Our interiors: art galleries

Open Wall is a meeting place between contemporary artists and architects, interior designers. These original wallpapers, accessible to the greatest number, are easy to install. They are excellent media for disseminating the works of artists. Our walls-wallpapers become art galleries that expose emerging artists. Art and decoration: artists thus find exhibition places, and our interiors benefit from the artistic richness of the works.

Papier peint bande dessinée dans un cadre mural décoratif

Wallpapers or paintings?

Art or decoration? Among the works and the artists, and according to our choice of decoration, we can choose at our discretion the pieces of history and images which touch us. Each Le is a painting or a fresco that can be self-sufficient. Each of the images of the wallpaper can be produced in a painting, offering a striking reminder of our wall decor in our living room. New in 2018: the emotion !!

Papier peint têtes violettes et couleurs pastel

Open Wall: our walls open to the worlds of artists

We do not want to be locked by our decor, we want it to sublimate the room it dresses and invites us to escape. The narrative quality of Open Wall wallpapers plunges us into the worlds of artists; we develop with this wallpaper an intimate relationship that evolves over time. Our walls become places of expression and exchange with our loved ones.

New wallpaper "pink velvet"

Unique interiors

We dream to be able to give a unique character to our interiors, with works that touch us and that we want to see in big! The original Open Wall wallpapers, edited in limited numbers, are made with unique works by contemporary artists. On this site, we can choose among their works to personalize atypical creations Open Wall, and have at home of our personalized work, and a large format design.

original wallpaper "shadow of my dreams"

Personalize your wallpapers

An idea of original decoration? Integrate the approaches of the artists Open Wall !! Choose from the works of the artists, according to your tastes and colors, or among your images, create your frescoes or Lé in original wallpaper and design with the online tool.


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What Clients Say ?

What Clients Say ?

"Équipe très sympa et commerciale. Franchement pas plus cher qu'ailleurs avec le service et le sourire en plus. Je recommande !"

Michel B.

"Société très sérieuse et compétente. Donne de bons conseils et est toujours source de créativité."

Lionel D.

"Une très bonne équipe à votre écoute et vraiment sympa. Merci pour vos conseils concernant le choix de mes papiers peints."

Stéphan F.