Derik works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He also creates art on a larger scale as a street and graffiti artist. After the Black Forest and Bordeaux, he now lives and works in Marseille. 

DERIK SUR INTERNET  Derik sur internet


His personal creations are mainly based around paper, collage and paint; he uses these materials to bring characters to life. Situated somewhere between humour and false naivety, Derik builds a brightly-colored, pared-down universe. He works both in his studio and in the public sphere, either making paper collages or murals created using spray paint and brushes.




There is no single inspiration for Derik. He draws inspiration as much from observing the environment (plants, architecture, etc) as from his collaboration with other painters, notably within the artists’ collective ‘Shinjackin’’. But of course, other artists have greatly inspired his work, particularly mid-20th century artists (such as Jim Flora, Miroslav Šašek, olle eksell, Raymond Savignac, etc) and contemporary creators (Sixe Paredes, Michael Deforge, 3ttman, Maya Hayuk, etc).



Derik asks questions about childhood; at the heart of his explorations is the borderline drawn between the imaginary worlds of children and adults. Derik gives his characters and their worlds to the public imagination, leaving them open to our interpretation.