Putting up your wallpaper


Putting up your wallpaper? Easy!

You are a creative genius and you know what you want. You have chosen a top-of-the-range wallpaper to give character to your interior. But time is money! Fortunately, it is quick and easy to transform your living space into an art gallery.

‘More haste, less speed’: take a minute to read this Lookbook if you haven’t been near a wallpaper brush for a few years (or decades...).


All of Open Wall’s wallpapers are made of non-woven paper. This is great news, as non-woven wallpapers are very easy to install:

  •        The strips can be placed neatly side by side (no more careful overlaps to make up for paper shrinkage).
  •        The paste can be spread directly onto the wall. No more buckets; the paper can be put up straight away without waiting for the paste to penetrate.

Another piece of good news: Open Wall wallpapers have been chosen for their technical quality, and for their strength in particular. They can be moved and unstuck easily during their installation.