Putting up your wallpaper


The best tools for the job


You won’t need many tools for your little building site. This list gives the essentials for installing your wallpaper masterpiece.

Working with another person will obviously make the job easier (and more fun!); but the wallpaper is so easy to install, a single person can do it too.


The paste

Use a paste formulated for non-woven wallpaper. It’s cheap and readily available in any DIY store.

The tools

  •        A bucket for mixing the paste
  •        A stick for mixing the paste
  •        A paint roller for sticking
  •        A wallpaper roller
  •        A protective sheet or tarpaulin
  •        A clean cloth or wallpaper brush
  •        A cutter
  •        A measuring tape
  •        A ruler or other straight-edged, rigid support (for cutting)
  •        A stable stepladder, stool etc (for working at a height)