Personalise your paper

Open Wall has a number of options for personalised, made-to-measure wallpaper: either do it yourself using the simple tool on our website, or ask us to create your dream design.

Design it online

Open Wall wallpapers are put together using collections of artworks, carried out in consultation with the artists themselves. These designs are very personal, and aren’t for everyone: that’s why designs can be modified at your leisure, using the tool on the website.

These artistic collections have a strong personality: choose one that suits yours. On a more practical level, your choice of wallpaper might be limited by your domestic colour scheme or architecture.

Our online tool allows you to choose the images on a ready-made wallpaper design. Simply move the images around on the template until you are happy with the layout of the design.

  1.      Choose the product to personalise
  2.      Select images
  3.      Create your wallpaper

...Then simply place your order!



When you have found your ideal design, you can put the personalised wallpaper into your shopping basket like any other Open Wall product.


Design on demand


Sometimes a personalised product needs a bit of extra work. 


Let us take on your project! Simply send us a message on