How is the wallpaper made?

The artworks printed on the wallpapers have already been created. The artists do not work to make wallpaper: instead, the wallpaper medium allows a greater number of people to enjoy their work. The works are chosen specially and the placement of the images on the wallpaper is done in collaboration with the artists.

Who are the Open Wall artists?

The aim of Open Wall is to promote artists in their vocation by giving visibility to their work and methods. Regardless of the medium – painting, drawing, printing, photography, etc – all of the artists have produced and exhibited art for many years.

How can I get an original artwork?

As the artists retain the rights to their work, we are always happy when customers show interest in original or one-of-a-kind pieces. The ‘ARTISTS’ page provides links to the artists’ contact details if you would like to get in touch with a particular creator.

How can I become an Open Wall artist?

New creators are always welcome at Open Wall. When you contact us to express interest in joining Open Wall, expect a free and frank discussion with our existing artists. Send us your work and tell us about sites and exhibitions where your art is on show. Let’s talk!

How do I order personalised wallpaper?

Most of our wallpapers can be personalised online: simply click on the ‘personalisation’ button once you have chosen your design. The designs are numbered – the numbers indicate the placement of each image on the template. Validate your personalised wallpaper and check your shopping basket, where you can visualise your design before ordering.

If you want even more personalisation, or wish to visualise the design with the aid of an interior photo, email us. We will be delighted to help you with your project.

Is the wallpaper high quality?

Open Wall wallpapers are printed with solvent-free, eco-friendly Latex inks. The non-woven paper is extra hardwearing and complies with all fire regulations, making it suitable for public buildings. The wallpapers have been chosen in collaboration with the artists, and the texture and thickness of the base material is intended to shows the artwork at its very best.

A detailed explanation of our high-quality materials is available via the website’s main menu.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times include the preparation of the wallpaper and transport to your delivery address. Wallpaper creation takes less than 3 days, and delivery under a week. Your order will arrive in less than 10 days under normal circumstances.

What can I do if the wallpaper isn’t suitable for me?

Don’t worry. If you decide that the wallpaper you have ordered is not right for your project, simply return the intact package in its wrapping, and we will refund or exchange your product. Please note that made-to-measure designs (designed online or with us) are non-returnable.

How do I put up the wallpaper?

Non-woven wallpaper is very widely used these days. This type of wallpaper is easy to put up because the strips can be placed side by side, without need for overlap. The paste is applied directly to the wall (or other chosen support) rather than to the paper. Paste is not provided but is available cheaply in all DIY stores. Make sure to buy paste for non-woven paper. Detailed practical advice can be found on the ‘LOOKBOOK’ page of the website. Remember to follow instructions for non-woven paper.