Wallpaper for dreaming

Open Wall started with two brothers, 


Thierry, a great artist (and non-businessman) and Philippe, a great businessman (and non-artist).

IImpressed by new wallpaper designs, they decided to try printing some of Thierry’s artworks onto wallpaper for an exhibition.

The wallpaper prints are vibrant and colourful, and the large-format images are impressive, easy to produce... and easy to take down! Wallpaper, available to everyone, can turn our homes into art galleries!

We want


to use wallpaper to make artists’ work visible and accessible to everyone. 

Our wallpapers don’t come from graphic designers; they are printed works of art. Freed from canvas, the wallpaper medium keeps the aesthetic freedom of the original works. Wallpaper artworks can light up our interiors with an artist’s touch.

Our dream


We want our large-format, affordable artwork to add a unique touch to any interior. Home décor shouldn’t shut us off from the world, but should invite us to dream, and maybe to escape.

It’s nothing like ordinary living-room wallpaper, invisible through force of habit. Open Wall wallpaper is personal to the owner; we develop a relationship to it, as do our friends and family.

All our wallpapers are unique 


Amongst our large selection of works and artists, there is something for every type of décor – and for every type of person. Choose the stories and images that move you