High-quality materials: wallpapers and inks

Open Wall’s wallpaper is top of the range. The materials we use for producing our artistic prints – our wallpapers and inks – are both high quality and eco-friendly, sourced from top brands.

The wallpapers have been chosen with the input of the Open Wall artists. They are great for our artists, their art, and your wall. 

Their textural quality was put to the test during a study involving 20 architects and interior designers. Needless to say, our papers passed with flying colours.

The 3 qualities:

We insist on three ‘quality factors’:

Visual quality

The original image colours, their intensity, and the depth of black of white contrasts, are all exactly reflected in the print.

The artists are shown the printed wallpapers for their collection ; if they’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Technical quality

Open Wall’s wallpapers and inks are hardwearing and robust, assuring a long life for your print.

Environmental quality

We take pains to ensure an eco-friendly, non-toxic product for your home. Our inks and papers are solvent- and PVC-free.


Non-woven wallpaper

The non-woven wallpaper comes from a well-known brand, which guarantees a high-quality, long-lasting product.

It is easy to put up and take down, and PVC-free.

Its ‘paper’ texture (with no PCV layer) allows a warmth and depth of colour which is often lost in standard, smooth wallpapers.

Their fire-resistance (certified Euroclass B1/S1/D0) means that they can be installed in private and public buildings, in France and throughout Europe.

Everyone – private or professional – should check the fire certification of their wall decoration materials. The certification relates to the way in which a material (concrete, wood, paper etc) reacts to fire. This reaction is subject to thorough testing in official assessment centres.

The Euroclass certification replaces the old French ‘M’ certification.


Latex-based inks

Our eco-friendly natural inks and papers (solvent and PVC-free) provide an excellent green alternative to ordinary wallpaper products.

The inks contain 70% water and 30% Latex:

  •        Latex-ink prints allow for the reproduction of clear, intensive images
  •        The inks are odourless and do not damage the ozone layer
  •        They do not contain any harmful pollutants
  •        They are incombustible and non-flammable
  •        The inks are durable (scratch-, dirt- and water-resistant)

This video gives a quick summary of the ecological qualities of Latex inks, comparing them to solvent or ‘eco-solvent’ rivals.


Each strip of wallpaper is a picture which can stand alone;

Chosen images or details in any format can also be made into hangable pictures.